Environmental Policy

The Directors of Thistle Design (MMC) Ltd recognise the importance of environmental issues in relation to the design and manufacture of electronic equipment and are committed to:

  • • Developing a range of products which have associated environmental benefits, in particular products which help organisations manage water resources more effectively.
  • • Taking environmental considerations into account in the design of our products.
  • • Ensuring that energy, materials and other resources are used efficiently and that waste is minimised.
  • • Preventing pollution and minimising the environmental risks associated with our activities.
  • • Minimising, or where possible eliminating, the use of hazardous chemicals.
  • • Complying with all relevant environmental regulations.
  • • Ensuring that all staff are fully aware of this policy and it’s importance.
  • • Working with customers, staff, suppliers, and other stakeholders to continually improve our environmental performance.