Pulleys, Floats


A range of Pulleys, Floats, Brackets, Counterweights and Cable is avialable to intergrate either the 24R or 24Z encoders for water level measurement.
These items are available individually or in kit form. Our engineers will be able to advise on the specific requirements of your system.

Types and Variants

  • P-400-635 Pulley 400mm circumference, 6.35mm bore

  • P-400-8 Pulley 400mm circumference, 8mm bore

  • P-256-635 Pulley 256mm circumference, 6.35mm bore

  • B-R105 Mounting bracket

  • B-R105KD Mounting bracket

  • B-R140 Mounting bracket

  • B-Z101 Mounting Bracket

  • F-SK100 Stainless steel float

  • CW-250G Stainless steel counterweight

  • CW-600G Stainless steel counterweight

  • SC-10M Stainless steel cable, 10 metre length