Size 23 Resolvers


A range of International Frame Size 23 Brushless Resolvers with Sine/Cosine outputs has been developed for measurement, motion and control applications.
Excitation Frequencies from 400Hz up to 2.5KHz at 20V RMS with a Transformation Ratio of 1.000 ±10% achieved using integral rotary transformers.
Angular accuracy from ±3 minutes of arc to ±15 minutes of arc are available
Our applications engineers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate version to suit your needs.

Types and Variants

  • TDPV114 Resolver
    unsealed. Form, fit and functional equivalent to CTD 23RS114.


All are suitable for use with Resolver to Digital Interface cards to output 16 Bit Binary, RS232, SDI-12 formats. See our accessories section for more information on what we can offer.