Pulleys, Floats


Water Industry Products Pulleys and Floats

Model Types and Variants Application Size

Pulleys, Floats

    • P-400-635 Pulley 400mm circumference, 6.35mm bore

    • P-400-8 Pulley 400mm circumference, 8mm bore

    • P-256-635 Pulley 256mm circumference, 6.35mm bore

    • B-R105 Mounting bracket

    • B-R105KD Mounting bracket

    • B-R140 Mounting bracket

    • B-Z101 Mounting Bracket

    • F-SK100 Stainless steel float

    • CW-250G Stainless steel counterweight

    • CW-600G Stainless steel counterweight

    • SC-10M Stainless steel cable, 10 metre length