Radiation Tolerant Devices

Way back in 1999 Thistle Design manufactured a unique Radiation Tolerant Encoder for use in the Vitrification Plant at Sellafield.

This device combined an Incremental Encoder with a Wire Wound Potentiometer connected by an integral precision gearbox. The resulting twin output was capable of operating in extremely high radiation environments (100,000,000 Rads).

Thistle Design has continued to develop encoders, meters and counters for use in the nuclear industry for both operational and decommissioning projects.

The latest device developed is Incremental Encoder Type 24SQ-126 for EDF Energy’s Torness Power Station.

The design is based on lessons learned during the development of a range of Absolute Encoders for EDF Energy’s Hartlepool Power Station.

These were successfully Type Tested at a cumulative radiation dose of 70kRads at a certified nuclear test facility.

The 24SQ-126 is a generic design capable of being assembled to give a variety of output options.

The available range is:

20 to 1000 PPR