Steel Strip Mill Application For Size 18 Incremental Encoder

Thistle Design have just completed delivery of a batch of Size 18 Incremental Encoders for use by TATA STEELS Rotherham Hot Strip Mill.

The latest order was for a new project where the encoder forms part of the position control system for the guides which keep the steel strip in a central position during rolling operations.

This type of encoder has also been used by the Rotherham plant for position feedback of the roll gap on the mill. In this application the encoder was used as a form, fit and function replacement for a Moore Reed Frame size 18 Synchro.

The Size 18 Incremental Encoder is available in a range of pulses per revolution from 20 to 5000.

Additional features include a splined and thread shaft for reliable mechanical interface, a robust stainless steel body and an integral IP67 seal.

If you require further information on this encoder please contact our applications engineers who can assist you in selecting the most appropriate version to suit your needs.